About Us

A Brief Historical Prospective of our Growth: Mr. N. N. Jain, a great visionary established the company 6 decades back when it was only engaged in business of Financial Trading and Investment. It was soon realized that globalization was happening at a very furious pace and there was a need for the company to establish itself in the global Strategic market. Only 2 decades back INDO WEBSEC was inaugurated to fulfill this vision.

Since past 2 decades the company has developed a vast experience and ability to assess the attractiveness and performance of the financial investment Decision. The company has been maintaining the traditional principal-agent relationship by implementing the ideas of trustworthiness, loyalty, fidelity, stewardship and concern for others .The Company has financial consultants in Indian offices based on Corporate Culture

FVL has a highly transparent and innovation culture which prides itself in its execution abilities, global perspective, the cultivation of intellectual assets, long term relationships and the ability to work aggressively in cross-border activities. The various business sectors and product lines where the company has been proved worthy to our clients are Financial investments, Technology (hardware), Agro, Scrap, Petro-chemicals, Polymers, Textiles, Human Resource Development, Financial consultancy and advisor.

The company has unique mission and philosophy along with its business plan to provide welfare service through NGO www.unf.in


Business activities of the Company

The Company is engaged in the business of trading of computer & computer peripherals, fabrics, hares and securities and other related activities.